Rubella Vaccine in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
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Vaccine, Rubella (MERUVAX®II)
Live attenuated virus vaccine.

In a 10-year survey involving over 700 pregnant women who received rubella vaccine within 3 months before or after conception, (of whom 189 received the Wistar RA 27/3 strain) none of the newborns had abnormalities compatible with congenital rubella syndrome. Nonetheless women should be counseled to avoid becoming pregnant for 28 days after exposure to rubella-containing vaccines [1,2,6].

BREAST FEEDING: Excreted into human milk. Recent studies have shown that lactating postpartum women immunized with live attenuated rubella vaccine may secrete the virus in breast milk and transmit it to breast-fed infants. In the infants with serological evidence of rubella infection, none exhibited severe disease; however, one exhibited mild clinical illness typical of acquired rubella. Caution should be exercised when MERUVAX II is administered to a nursing woman [3]. Compatible with breastfeeding [4,5].


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(PDF file)

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