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Common Questions
  • Is there a product for stretch marks ?
  • Can your blood pressure be too low ?
  • What is a titer?
  • What causes a blighted ovum?
  • What is beta hCG?
  • Exactly how early do the signs of pregnancy come?
  • What are the odds of becoming pregnant once you have
        had your tubes tied?
  • What does ventriculomegaly mean?
  • How do I know if/when I'm ovulating?
  • What are normal progesterone levels?
  • What is considered a high risk pregnancy?
  • Is it safe to drink coffee while you're pregnant?
  • Can you have a period while you're pregnant?  
  • Will sleeping on my back during pregnancy harm my baby ?  
  • Is it safe to dye your hair while you're pregnant?
  • Should pregnant women use safety belts and airbags?
  • Does drinking beer help increase your milk supply?
  • Is the influenza vaccine safe during pregnancy?
  • I have three different due  dates. Which date is correct?
  • What is the risk of HELLP syndrome recurring?
  • What is round ligament pain?
  • Is it possible to predict my baby's sex based on their
       heart rate?
  • What are Leopold's maneuvers?
  • Is it Safe to Exercise During Pregnancy?
  • What is placenta previa?
  • How Long May I Continue to Work While Pregnant?
       under revision

  • How long should I wait before having another baby?  
  • What causes shooting pains in the vagina?
  • What is Colostrum?
  • Can I take Benadryl while I am pregnant?
  • Are airport metal detectors or scanners safe to walk through when you are pregnant?
  • Is Pepto Bismol Safe in pregnancy?
  • How Long Does Pregnancy Normally Last?
  • What is considered is considered a full term pregnancy?
  • Can pregnant women eat crab or lobster?
  • Is it safe to use insect repellent (DEET) while I'm pregnant?
  • "Is there an oral blood thinner I can use instead of shots during pregnancy?"
  • "Are there negative effects of lubricant on conceiving?"
  • How much weight does a baby gain in one week?
  • Is doxylamine succinate (Unisom)  safe during pregnancy?
  • Can pregnant women eat imitation crab? What is imitation crab made of anyway?

    Questions about Induction of Labor
  • What is Induction of Labor?
  • What is membrane stripping?
  • Can nipple stimulation induce labor ?
  • Can Having Sex induce Labor?

  • Can acupuncture be used to induce labor?

  • Does induction of labor cause autism?



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