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Effects of Lubricant on Conceiving

"Are there negative effects of lubricant on conceiving?"

Women trying to conceive are often advised to avoid the use of over-the-counter lubricants including Astroglide, KY Jelly, and Replens , because these lubricants have been found decrease sperm movement in the laboratory.

However, a study of 296 women who were trying to conceive found that the use of lubricant during intercourse does not decrease the probability of conceiving.
Some reasons given for this finding were

  • Lubricants, as used during vaginal intercourse, could remain on the external genitalia and lower vagina and not in the upper vagina, where the sperm are deposited.

  • Sperm deposited at the top of the vagina during intercourse rapidly move into the cervix , likely minimizing any exposure to lubricants present.

  • Lubricants could promote fertility by enabling more frequent acts of intercourse.


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Reviewed by Mark Curran, M.D., FACOG


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