Each fat exchange (serving) contains about five grams of fat and forty-five calories.

All fats are high in calories and should be carefully measured. Choose mostly unsaturated fats in your meal preparation. Unsaturated fats come from plant sources, saturated fats come from mainly animal sources. Read food labels to distinguish which fats are found in foods that you are using. To help reduce fat calories, choose low fat products whenever possible.

Unsaturated Fats
One serving equals
Avocado ,small 1 slice or 2 Tbsp.
Margarine 1 tsp.
Margarine, diet 2 tsp.
Mayonnaise 1 tsp.
Mayonnaise, diet 2 tsp.
Oils (canola and olive oil are recommended) 1 tsp.
Olives 10 small or 5 large
Salad dressings 2 tsp.
Nuts and Seeds: Almonds or Virginia peanuts 10
  Chopped almonds or pecans 1 Tbsp.
  Brazil nuts or butter nuts 2 medium
  Filberts or hickory nuts 5
  Pecans or walnuts 4 halves
  Spanish peanuts or pistachios 20
Note: Nuts and seeds are very high in calories for very small portions
Saturated Fats
Bacon 1 slice
Butter 1 tsp.
Coconut, fresh 2 Tbsp.
Cream or sour cream 2 Tbsp.
Gravy 2 Tbsp.
Lard or shortening 1 tsp.
Palm or coconut oil 1 tsp.
Sausage 1/2/oz. or 1/2 link