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Baby Names

Random Baby Name Generator
Top Baby Names in the U.S.
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  • Names for Male & Female Twins 2011
  • Top Baby Names of the Past
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  • Alfabette Zoope - A collection of multi-cultural and unusual names.
  • All Boy Baby Names - Boy names with name meanings and origins.
  • Aloha Friends - Hawaiian and English resource offers a translation of first names.
  • Alternative Baby Names - Boy and girl baby names listed by categories. Search for alternative and unique names.
  • Baby Name Addicts - Meanings, origins, popularity graphs, and polls.
  • Baby Name Clusters - Use charts and famous people's names to explore clusters of related baby names.
  • Baby Name Facts - Meanings, origins, and tons of fun facts on over 70,000 baby names.
  • Baby Name Guide - Baby names listed by categories, lists of popular names, a phonetics search and baby naming tips.
  • Baby Name Origins - Lists of names categorised by geographic or topical origin, with meanings.
  • Baby Name Stats - Provides lists of naming ideas from television and literature. Also has lists of common twin names and naming trends from years ago.
  • The Baby Name Wizard Official Blog - Name trends, news and insights.
  • Baby Name World - Names, meanings and gender. Searchable by letter and origin.
  • Baby Names and Products - Searchable database with tips and suggestions on how to find a name or make one up.
  • Baby Names and Stuff - Search for names or browse through lists sorted by gender, origin and region. Also includes forums for naming advice.
  • Baby Names Box - Database of names including categories such as Disney, literary classics, and biblical.
  • Baby Names Country - Offers lists of names categorized alphabetically or by origin, gender, and popularity. The site also provides an online tool for baby name selection.
  • Baby Names Diary - Search more than 28,000 baby names from around the world with their meaning and origins.
  • Baby Names Nation - Browse through lists of names sorted by different regions. Offers meanings, origins, ratings, reviews and favorites.
  • The Baby Names Network - Allows user to browse suggestions by alphabetical letter or origin, as well a search for the meaning of the name.
  • Baby Names Online - Provides alphabetical lists of baby names for both genders. Included are free product giveaways and baby articles.
  • Baby Names Pedia - Find the meaning and origin of baby names. Search for trendy, unique or popular names. View popularity graphs and name comparison charts.
  • Baby Names Plus - Names for boys and girls, including meanings and origin.
  • Baby Namey - Provides an interactive search method to help select a baby name. Included are alphabetical lists with name origins and meanings.
  • BabyNamer - Database of names with a variety of categories to choose from. Includes government database information about popularity.
  • BabyNames.com - Search names and meanings. Includes naming tips and lists, with origins.
  • BabyNames.it - Search for popular American baby names and their meanings.
  • BabyNamesWorld - A large collection of boy and girl names, as well as the origin and meaning.
  • Babynology - Database of male and female baby names from different origins and languages with meaning and baby resources.
  • Babyz Names - Provides a simple search to find the origin and meaning of a name.
  • Birthcare - Offers baby names, meanings, and their origins. Also includes the numerology meanings for each name.
  • Instant Name Book - Searchable database of popular names from many countries.
  • Jive Baby Names - Search for baby names by origin, meaning, or popularity. Forum and favorite name list.
  • Justmommies Baby Names - Contains a database of over 8000 member-submitted baby names with origins and meanings. Visitors can vote for names and save a list of their favorite names.
  • Kids' Names - This site offers alphabetical lists of baby names and their meanings for both genders.
  • Mer de Noms - A database arranged alphabetically with pronunciations, origins, meanings, and common nicknames, and a variety of name related resources.
  • Name Crunch - Provides tools for searching the SSA's top 1000 list according to spelling variations, percentages, and trends.
  • Name Meanings Index - Explore thousands of name meanings and origins from around the world.
  • Name Nerds - Information about Irish and Scottish names, as well as both English and ethnic spelling.
  • Name Statistics - Find out what first and last names are ranked in popularity and statistics of how many other people in the US share the same name.
  • Name Yo Baby - Searchable database of baby names. Gender, origin, meaning, and popularity are included with each name.
  • Nameisms - A blog featuring a new baby name each week. Includes meaning, history, personal stories and celebrity status for each name.
  • Namely-Yours.com - Search for baby names, nicknames, name meanings and alternate name spellings. Also naming ideas for pets, grandparents, automobiles and significant others.
  • Namepedia - Encyclopedia of 40,000 names. Includes meanings, origins, pronunciation, relation charts and frequency information. Available in English, German, French and Romanian languages.
  • 20,000 Names - Includes names from around the world for use with babies and pets.
  • NamesAZ.com - Baby names with meanings and origins. Find celebrity namesakes and related names for boys and girls.
  • NameVoyager - Interactive visual exploration of baby name popularity, from The Baby Name Wizard.
  •  NomNom - Helps prospective parents to choose a name for their baby. Create a list and invite others to participate and score the names on the list.
  • Nymbler - This site offers an online tool to provide personalized naming suggestions based on styles, trends, popularity and a variety of naming influences and patterns.
  • Open Baby Names - Contains a collection of boy and girl names with origins, meanings, ratings and favorites. Also has names for twins.
  • Parenting.com - Baby Names - Boy names and girl names with information about meanings and origins. Also polls, category lists, popularity lists, and naming tips.
  • Popular Baby Names - Ranking of baby name popularity based on social security applications. .
  • Select a Lucky Name For Your Baby - Using Chinese numerology, determine if a name is lucky or not, or use the rules to choose a lucky name.
  • StorkNet's Baby Names Cubby - Includes a baby names database, featured names of the month, name suggestions, and tips on how to decide on the perfect baby name.
  • The Baby Names Network - Allows user to browse suggestions by alphabetical letter or origin, as well a search for the meaning of the name.
  • The Internet Name Database - Site includes origins, meanings and statistics for common names. Also contains historical popularity for names in the US, and user contributed ratings, tags and nicknames.
  • Think Baby Names - Baby names with pronunciation, meaning, and statistic charts for each name.
  • Valley Of Names - Offers a searchable database of baby names. Each name is accompanied by a list of similar names and a place to leave comments.
  • Yeah Baby - A database of names with informative articles.
  • YourBabysName.com - Includes suggestions for twins, sports, and Indian names. Meanings are included.


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