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Patient Oriented

  Developmental Stage Calculator
        Find out how far along you were in pregnancy on a particular date
 -Edinburgh Depression Scale Calculator
      - Estimated Time Until Zero Level Alcohol in Breast Milk

Mercury Calculator (English) -En español
      - Ovulation Calculator
      -Pregnancy Calculator

       Calculates your baby's expected weight, length,
       due date, date of  conception, reverse calculation, development.

      - Recommended Weight Gain in Pregnancy
How much weight should you gain during pregnancy?  Have you gained too much ?
         Not enough?
      - Weeks to months

   Provider Oriented

-Age Related Risk of Chromosome Abnormality
     - Age Related Risk of Chromosome Abnormality Twins
     - Alveolar-arterial (A-a gradient) Calculator
     - Anion Gap
     - Beta hCG Doubling Time Calculator
Bishop Score Calculator
Body Mass Index
     - Body Surface Area
     - Calculation of Average Blood Sugar from
        Glycosylated Hemoglobin(HbA1c)
     - Calculation of Daily Calorie Needs
     - Calculation of Initial Insulin Dose
     - Insulin Sensitivity & Carbohydrate Ratio
Unit Convertors
      - Blood Glucose Unit Conversion
      - Length Conversion
      - Pressure
      - Temperature Conversion
      - Volume Conversion
      - Weight Conversion

General Clinical Calculators




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